“True circle (edge)”
in two meanings:
“circle more accurate than
a circle” and
“ring that represents an edge”.

From left to right, it has two meanings: a concrete expression of “circle to true circle” and an abstract expression of “harmony with others”: employees, business partners, and regions. If you look at this symbol as a whole, you can see a lot of white space, and you can feel a big vessel that accepts “creativity”.

With the confident confidence
to master precision,
A clear and
airy work environment.

The simplicity and integrity of the logo is a sign of “confidence” Expresses a “clean and clear work environment”. The logo mark of the manufacturing industry that makes a firm impression, By making a neutral impression, Yamada Seisakusho’s flexible policy. recruiting. In building a work environment, It ’s not like the existing manufacturing industry, Brings the impression of a new wind.

The overall image of the font has a slightly narrow and modern impression. Because it has a typeface skeleton used by public institutions, it has a universal and neutral impression and can be accepted by both men and women.

The key elements of creating a “true circle” and valuing the “ring” are the “circle” used as an identity in shaping each letter. By adopting a perfect circle that is a geometric form everywhere, it will give a sophisticated corporate image without gender while giving a mechanical impression as a manufacturing industry.