circle for true circle.

Precision machine parts produced by our technology are particular about grinding, It is at the level of a perfect circle that can only be reached by grinding technology which should be called craftsmanship. It is a world where micron level errors are not allowed.
The precision machines that use the products we make are It consists of tens of thousands of parts. If there is “distortion” in one part, The related parts are overloaded and can eventually lead to major failures. Whether it is a single item or a quantity of products, we are constantly pursuing quality and quality that does not change one by one.

Also, ● (circle) used in catch phrase is the same as ● (circle) ●. This expresses that it cannot be distinguished before and after processing at the naked eye level. It is a pride that we are producing precision machine parts with this level of technology. In addition, “Companies that turn ● (circle) into ● (manmaru)” express not only about products, but also their attitude toward work. Always think about how to get your work done smoothly, and make every effort to create a smooth, high-yielding mechanism, and value the circle of all employees, business partners, and communities The meaning is also included.

Message from the President

Since its founding in 1970, Yamada Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has responded to customer needs with a customer-first principle and aggressive capital investment and technological innovation, aiming to become a self-reliant company required by customers and local communities .

At present, we offer the highest quality parts for hydraulic parts for agricultural and industrial machinery, and have been highly evaluated by our customers. Going forward, we hope to increase customer satisfaction by flexibly responding to diversifying customer needs, and at the same time, stabilize our management base through partnerships.

Yamada Manufacturing will continue to strive to contribute to the development of local communities through the production of precision machine parts.

Hideto Yamada

Flow of product delivery.

Management policy

Long-term sustainable, Aiming to be a self-supporting company that can make creative efforts independently.

quality policy

To aim to create products that meet customer needs, Continuously improve the system, Zero customer complaints for all products.

Company Profile

company nameYamada Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Director’s nameHideto Yamada
ADDRESSHichitanchi 19, Hanamasa, Ama-city, Aichi, Japan
tel / fax052-442-1491 / 052-441-2297
EstablishmentMay 1986
Capital10 million yen
FacilitiesSite area 4,908㎡ / Building area 1,592㎡
Business description・Production of precision machine parts for
 agricultural machinery, hydraulic equipment,
 construction machinery, power tools, etc.
・Production of various poppet plungers
・Grinding of various automobile parts
・Grinding of various pressed parts
・Grinding of various power tool parts
・Cylindrical grinding
・Centerless grinding
・Internal grinding
・Surface grinding (plane / both ends)
・NC lathe processing
number of employees30 (13 men, 17 women) / Average age 32.5 years (June 2019)
Trading company・One company related to heat treatment
・Grinding related 1 company
・8 cutting companies
Material supplier・Inoue Steel Co., Ltd.
・Osaka Migaki Co., Ltd.
・Tosen Sangyo Co., Ltd.
(Honorifics omitted, in alphabetical order)
Customer bank・Aichi Bank Oji Branch
・Gifu Shinkin Bank Miwa Branch
・Juroku Bank Miwa Branch
・Bank of Nagoya Shinmori Branch
(Honorifics omitted, in alphabetical order)


July 1970Established Yamada Mfg. Co., Ltd. in Miwa Town,
Abe Prefecture Takehiko Yamada
assumed representative director
May 1986Organization changed to Yamada Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
July 1989Yamada Seisakusho Co., Ltd. 2nd factory expansion
December 2006Obtained ISO9001: 2000 certification
November 2008Acquired land, 17 shichitanji Hanamasa Ama City, 330㎡
July 2009ISO9001: 2008 transition completed
November 2010Acquired land, 30 yanagitsubo Hanamasa Ama City, 937.2㎡
May 2014Hideto Yamada assumed representative director
March 2016Acquired land, 16 shichitanji Hanamasa Ama City, 528㎡
January 2017Yamada Seisakusho Co., Ltd. 3rd factory started operation
July 2018ISO9001: 2015 transition completed
August 2018Acquired land, shichitanji Hanamasa Ama City, 1162.57㎡